Artist Statement

My digital paintings are a representation of the otherworldly bond between humans and animals. Each piece is driven by my strong belief that “​until one has loved an ​animal​, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”- Anatole France. The paintings depict ​one of the most purest forms of friendship–the bond between a child and an animal. Through a realistic painting style, I represent the innocence of the child and the tenderness within an animal’s soul. ​In addition, I ​purposefully work with a subdued color palette to encourage a sense of calmness among the viewers and to not distract them from the point of the piece which is the personal interaction among the subjects.

It is necessary to evoke a sense of the love Anatole France mentions in his quote–the kind of love that awakens souls​. I use the facial expressions of the subjects as vessels to convey this love. ​The paintings also emphasizes equality among human and animal for we can learn a great deal from them and vice versa. ​Through my art, my mission is to pay tribute to the animals who have provided us with their friendship. They undoubtedly give our lives more meaning.