About the Artist

Madi Rapella is a digital and traditional artist from Park City, Utah. With her recent body of work, she focuses on conveying the stories of people and animals through photo-realistic portraiture and fantasy illustrations.

Her work has been shown in several fundraisers such as the 2012 St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer charity in Las Vegas, the 2019 Arts for the Cause in Monterey, and the 2019 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction in Salt Lake City.

Then from 2017 to 2019, Madi has made original cartoons for California State University Monterey Bay’s student-run newspaper, The Lutrinae. Meanwhile, she produced published illustrations of Aztec weaponry for Cambridge History of War.

Madi is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in art at CSUMB. She is also interning at Jespionne, a New York based company, where she is digitally designing character icons and movie posters for tv shows.

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Artist Statement

In my recent body of work, I capture the essence of people and animals through photo-realistic portraiture and illustrations. Through the use of traditional and digital media, I portray the subjects with a sharp attention to detail and textures. Portrait painting is not only about depicting physical likeness, but connecting with the subject on an intimate level. With my portraits, I invite the viewer to connect with the subject - letting their own ideologies amend the narrative.

I specifically enjoy painting animals and children together because I believe they have an otherworldly bond. With this connection, I represent the innocence of the child and the tenderness within an animal’s soul. In addition, I ​purposefully work with a subdued color palette to encourage a sense of calmness among the viewers. This color palette is selected to avoid distraction from the personal interaction among the subjects within the work itself. Themes of animal equality, symbiotic friendship, and empowerment are threaded throughout my work.